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Exciting menus to choose from. Please read below and pick one...or two...or do them all!.

Menu A: Have fun, no compromise

Entrée: Double baked cheese soufflé surrounded by a vegetable julienne and chicken velouté
Main: Duck breast with fruit sauce of the season
Pommes fondantes (baked potatoes)
Dessert: Tarte Tatin

How many times have you invited friends over for dinner only to realise afterwards that you spent most of the evening in the kitchen, but hardly had time to really speak to them?

This exciting delicious menu sets your priorities right, without any compromise.

All it takes is some preparation time before dinner, which will allow you to only spend maximum 10 minutes for each dish in the kitchen. And for the rest of the evening, enjoy your time with your friends !

Menu B: Special Occasions

Entrée: Confit of trout served with hollandaise sauce and fresh vegetables
Main: Beef wellington with bordelaise sauce, served with gratin dauphinois (baked potatoes) and steamed vegetables
Dessert: Chocolate fondant with ice cream

This menu is the one you need if you have a special event coming up.

A birthday, family reunion, special dinner…

Impress your friends and family with a sophisticated yet surprisingly achievable menu even for the less experienced cooks.

I guarantee you won’t just impress your guests, you will impress yourself !

Menu C: Rustic Fantastic

Entrée: Bouillabaise (seafood and fish dish) served with rouille (garlic saffron mayonnaise)
Main: Herbs crusted rack of lamb, served with spinach and mushrooms ragout, and gratin dauphinois (baked potatoes)
Dessert: Profiteroles with chocolate sauce

For the lovers of traditional cuisine, full of rustic flavours and grandma secrets, this is the menu for you.

You could ask 10 different cooks the recipes for these dishes and you will get 10 different recipes!

But that's what makes the beauty of those good old French meals: never fully mastered, but always delicious!